Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Guitar Cover)

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Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (Guitar Cover). This has been requested a lot over the years so I finally got around to doing it. I recently read Steve Lukather's autobiography and he has an interesting story about this track but basically, we could have had a Fahrenheit era Joseph Williams sing this song!!!! It wasn't to be, for numerous reasons but the arrangement of the final result is apparently what the Toto guys refined, according to Luke. The track was written by composer Giorgio Moroder and lyrics by Tom Whitlock

Now the final result does have some pretty cool guitar parts but it's also quite sparse too, so I added a couple of leads and brought out the sync bass part in a couple of the verses. Not sure who played on the original, but Wikipedia says it's Dann Huff on lead and Loggins on rhythm. Not sure if that's true but would love to get a proper source on that, Wikipedia is as much a goldmine for misinformation as it is for facts too haha. Anyway, this and Mighty Wings were perfect for the Top Gun montage visuals.

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