[Fnaf SFM Short] Waltz of Malice (Cover by LittleJayneyCakes)

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[Fnaf SFM Short] Waltz of Malice (Cover by LittleJayneyCakes). Small note: The original Song (in japanese) was made by Kikuo. I used an EDIT of an English cover made by someone who's video version I also linked to in the description. This song version is using LittleJayneyCakes' vocals and edited the pitch and keeps the same music in the background as the original version made by Kikuo.

I chose this since I really like that the song's lyrics fit to Fnaf UCN which is the reason why I chose it and the music is very well done :) I first hesitated to upload this because I don't like the way it turned out

I first used the original japanese version but I then switched to an english cover version because the lyrics are easier to understand (also put in subtitles)

This short took longer- I basically need 1 week for one minute if I rush it a bit. I definetily rushed the last 20 seconds and once again the longer I look at my stuff the more I don't like how it turned out xD I don't nknow why but everytime I rendered most backgrounds have a really bad quality (not just because of the blur but it's visible that the resolution is bad for some reason)

A lot of shots rather look unintentionally funny. And I once again used simular story/ideas that I tried to put into one thing. Not sure how active I'll be at the moment because I need to focus on an assignment.


Song Credits:

Kikuo - うらみのワルツ (Original Song Jap.):

Kikuo's Channel:

「English Cover」Waltz of Malice (Kikuo / Vocaloid)【Jayn】(Used vocals):

LittleJayneyCakes' Channel:

[LittleJayneyCakes] Waltz of Malice (in the original key) (I used this version that someone mixed out of both linked songs above):
I'll try to credit as many models as possbile tomorrow on here. Since this is a ''longer'' SFM there might be not enough space in this description to fit all of it in here

Moon by Juggernaut on Steam

Model: DaMikel
Port: Tyrexchip

Minireena (Help Wanted):
Model : Scott Cawthon and SteelWool
Port : LunaticHugo


[FNAF] HW FNAF2 Map Assets:
Original models done by Scott Cawthon.
Help Wanted models made by Steel Wool.
Bonbunfilms for extracting the assets from the game.
Original PBR materials by Steel Wool.

MinifigJoe for Porting the Assets to Source FilmMaker.

Funtime Foxy an Circus Baby:

Flower Crown from 12foxy12 on Steam

Vegetation and rocks props [Dead By Daylight]:
from MARK2580 on Steam

Ballora by T.M from the SL Vr Pack

[FNaF][Team VR] Five Nights at Freddy's Model Pack 1:

The Fredbear's Family Diner Map V3 is private and was from WeaselWare

Cupcake and Butterfly from Spicy_Apples on Steam

Rockstar Foxy and R. Freddy by Chuiza

Kid/Vengeful Spirit/The One You Should Have Not Killed:


Nightmare Fredbear:
[FNAF] FNAF4 Model Pack Part 3 (By: HectorMKG)

Model/Character by Scott Cawthon
Retopology by Steel Wool Studios
Fixed/Edited/Ported by Frisk

Fnaf balloons: Happiest Day Props

Models and Textures by Myles the Hedgehog on Steam

Afton Hell:

Puppet and Box:
Modeled by Sab
Ported by RobGamings
Env by Rynfox

Wires by RobGamings and AustinTheBear

Fnaf 1 plushies by RobGamings and ChuizaProductions

Grass for Scenebuilds:
Original Model on sfmlab by lordaardvark
from galen on Steam

Dreadbear (Help Wanted):
Scott Cawthon and Steel Wool: original models
BlueFlytrap: PBR method
tetTris: extracting and porting of models

[FNaF FFD] Fredbear Release:
Textures: Nekroz
Mats: Ludup
Models Fix: Ludup
Final edits: Nekroz & Ludup

Springtrap AR Fix by Holopaxume/Thudner:
Models by Scott/Illumix
From Thudner and Mountroid on Steam

Ultimate Custom Night [MAP]:
from Mr_Mike on Steam

DOOM 2016 Skydome:
from LUDEXUS on Steam

[FFPS] ScrapBaby Model:
Model by: Ludomcraft
Port by: Shaffow
Sky Cielo:
from Koval on Steam

Particle Presets [Smoke/Fog/DustParticles/Rain/alotofstuff]
from baconn on Steam
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