The Best Loki Easter Eggs In Marvel Movies

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The Best Loki Easter Eggs In Marvel Movies. The movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are deeper than you think — especially when it comes to Loki, Thor and Asgard.

The heroes (and antiheroes) of Thor's corner of the Marvel universe have the distinction of being based on real-life Norse mythology, with many old myths and legends being repurposed to fit the Marvel canon. But the references go a lot deeper than just the surface level.

Turns out, the movies of the MCU are full of references to obscure mythological stories you may not have ever even heard of. If you need a quick rundown, look no further — these are the best Loki Easter eggs in Marvel movies.

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A mythic threat | 0:00
Muzzle trouble | 1:31
Thor's patricide | 2:41
A sneaky score | 3:34
The stage is set | 4:24
Frog of thunder | 5:10
Following his destiny | 6:04

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