Today is the due date!! Queen👑Uniek | Friesian Horses | Shorts video

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Today is the due date!! Queen👑Uniek | Friesian Horses | Shorts video. Due Date! May 17, 2021! Shorts video, Just to let you know how Uniek is doing right now!

By watching our informative, stress relieving videos, you will learn everything about Friesian horses and you get to know our 25 Friesian horses.
What is like in the videos:
Are Friesian Horses Friendly, good for beginners, easy to ride...
How do Friesian horses eat and sleep.
How tall are Friesian horses...
What are Friesian horses used for...
Where are Friesian Horses originate come from...
Friesian horses and dressage, trail riding, driving...
Friesian Horses in the Netherlands, Friesland....
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Uniek fan Goëngamieden Kroon Sport (Ulbert 390 x Brandus 345, Dam: Thekla van de Zonschate Ster Sport) (May 9, 2006)

Made this video: May 17, 2021

We try to post the videos in chronological order as much as possible. But I really want to place some more recent videos. Sorry it causes confusion. But because we made so many beautiful videos in the summer. I would like to continue to post them.
It is now often very rainy and gray outside. Then I love the summer more! So I hope you don't mind that the videos are mixed up a bit. Enjoy watching!

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