The Best Shotgun in Destiny 2?

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The Best Shotgun in Destiny 2?. The Riiswalker is the newest Iron Banner shotgun added to Destiny 2, with some pretty interesting roll potential. It features a lightweight frame which gives you bonus mobility and movement speed - a particularly helpful benefit on a shotgun. It also has a good handling stat, amazing range stat, and shoots at 80RPM - making it a potential challenger to the popular Astral Horizon in the kinetic slot.

In this video we take a look at the possible rolls on the Riiswalker to evaluate a potential god roll, as well as compare it to the previous king of kinetic pellet shotguns, the Astral Horizon, to see where Riiswalker fits into the current Destiny 2 meta.

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Thanks to iFrostBolt for the amazing meme trials clip:

00:00 Shotgun Changes & Current Kinetic Options
01:16 First Impressions & Strengths Analysis
02:16 Astral vs Riiswalker Stats & Perks
06:09 Astral vs Riiswalker One Hit Kill Range
07:52 Astral vs Riiswalker In-Game Performance
10:05 Final Verdict and Tips for Max Performance

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